Anyone here turned their comp into a home entertainment system?



Just curious about potentially doing the same. There are some obvious benefits about doing this. First off, you buy a PC TV card. Then you can record shows onto your HDD, CD or DVD. Then being able to play them from the same source(s). Not having redundant sound systems for your TV and computer. Being able to invest in a really good monitor and forget about having a TV altogether. And saving space in your place as well (some of the more expensive properties actually cost more per square foot than the TV that occupies it!). So there are economic and logistical benefits of converting your computer into a workstation, playstation and TV.

So, why don’t we see this being more widespread? :confused: Too troublesome, or maybe if your comp bugs out, you lose all forms of household entertainment?


I’ve got my pc tied to the home system.
I have a Radeon VIVO card 7200 64mb/with remote(oldie but works great), linked to a 36" Toshiba TV with S video cable. My audio out is from a Soundblaster Audigy Platinum to a Yamaha preamp(C-50) and Proton D1200 Power amp rated at 100 watts per side (but it has 6 dbs of headroom) peak 1200 watts per side at 1 OHM ! There is nothing like pure clean power for those high transients, and thundering bass, Driving a modest pair of B&W 602 speakers. Much better then computer speaker systems.
I watch all my DVDs out of the pc, LiteOn LTD166s with PowerDVD
The plugin(PowerDVD) for the remote works great. Mp3’s I listen to from the pc. But all my cds I listen to from my player at the stereo system. It’s nice being able to watch my 200+ collection of music videos that are on the pc without commercial breaks like mtv or vh-1.


I have a 27inch Gateway Monitor, a wintv card, Pioneer DVD-R, and Creative Labs 5.1 surround. The monitor has a max resolution of 800x600 which is no good for games but fantastic for video entertainment.

Paid 400 for the monitor used.
Free TVCard
Paid 189 for A05 Pioneer


some guys demoed a settop pc at our annual open house…they had mp3/avi/dvd playback, as well as a 120 gig h/d and zsnes installed. of course, they didnt skimp on costs since it was payed for, and it was about 800 $ retail.

i used to play movies out to my tv, but i dont bother anymore. im too lazy to mess with ac3 :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, building a system like this has been in my planning for over 2 years now.

I know it can be done quite well on Linux. There are also some Windows programs available. Ofcourse, MS has their entertainment OS (as a matter of fact, it’s a program running on top of XP), but there is also a thing such as DivX-OS ( but it hasn’t been updated for years…

Anyhow, I think some Linux software could do the trick very well, for a very low price… especially when using the Ati Remote control they’ve released a couple of days ago…