Anyone Here Like Dubstep?

Does anyone here like Dubstep music? I discovered it a few years ago and the neighbors haven’t liked me ever since! hehe j/k (actually, it’s the 200w sub they hate, not me).

If so, what stuff do you like? I’m always looking for something new.


Not really my thing, as I’m more on the rock/metal side of the fence but there are bound to be some other fans in here.


Yeah, rock has been a mainstay for most of my life, but every now and then I discover something that I unexpectedly like. Most dubstep, I don’t like, just some of the more unique stuff. Much of it all sounds the same. The same goes for when I woke up one day and decided I like didgeridoo music (and now, jazz).

Me too :slight_smile:

Mozart versus Skrillex:

HAHA I just saw that a few days ago!