Anyone here experienced with DVD lab?

OK…I wanna make a multi movie using DVD lab, here is what I got so far.
I got the menu, buttons, etc laid-out…I got the 2 empty movie boxs ready for the 2 films. Now, here is where my problem begins. I know DVD lab can handle vobs, you just import them [assets, but not demuxed], then drag it into the empty movie box and so on.
Right…both films have 3 vobs after using DVD2ONE to shrink them, how do I get all 3 vobs into one empty movie box so it will play as a proper movie? It seems I can only get one vob per empty movie box!!! Is that a limitation of the tool or am I missing something here?


When you load the VOB files into its Assets (select the 3 in reverse order so they add in in correct order), then the first srean that pops up is as attached (I’ve reduced its colours to make it smaller enough to attach here), select the bottom option and continue from there.