Anyone Help With Dvd Region + CSS Free

im currently using dvd region + css free, its only a trial + runs out in a couple of days. does anyone know how i can extend this or even another program??? could i just uninstall it after the trial runs out + then install again as i still have the installer?? Thank You

                  You have got to be kidding me?

Did the program work for you? Then buy the thing you cheepskate, stop wasting our time!!!

lol. i would but i dont have a credit card. would i be able to use postal order or a bank account. i do really like this program but dont have a credit card otherwise id have it by cheers

Well, you sure do have some interesting posts so far, not the least of which was asking for a free…oh and btw, ILLEGAL reg key for the very same program about 5 days ago. I see that thread was closed by the mods.
Anyway, you’re 29 years old and been around pcs for a while and you need guidance as to how to make a purchase online…uhhh…ok… :rolleyes:

The following link explains how, you can also pay with PayPal using Regnow. Chect the order page too.[DASID_3760]


Could we please quit giving these people the time of day and move on, they are not legitimate users and do not warrant the time on this forum, anyone who asks for something for nothing should be ignored!!