Anyone help a noob?



hi guys! i`ve had my xbox softmodded. so now the evox dash boots up at start-up from there you can switch to the old dash, as you know. i know some games update your dash automatically, so , is there any danger of “nuking” my new dash by loading these games or am i safe?? many thanks in advance…


It depends on the exploit you have installed.
If you’re running a UXE exploit, (especially with nkpatcher & shadow c:), then no. Your xbox is immune to updates. Just be sure that you boot the xbox 1st, then put games in the drive.
If you have shadow c:, your xbox can be updated after it’s been booted without hosing the exploit.


thanks for the reply, anjil. appreiciated. i`m pretty sure it was modded using the splinter cell save exploit. is that an UXE exploit? thanks again…


Gamesave exploits are a means to an end. They usually are used to install a more permanent hack. Post the contents of your c: & e: drives, to give me a better view of what files are booting.
Ask the modder what he/she used specifically