Anyone heard of Samsung SH-W08A +R/-R 8x dvd recorder?

I´ve never heard of it, but a local store will have it for sale at the end of the month.
The only thing i could find in the Net was the hungarian Samsung site but my hungarian is rusty:bigsmile:
Any post with more info would be apreciated.


P.S. Here is what i found.

a rebaged nec drive!

A rebadged Nec 2500A?!!!
If so, aren’t they (Samsung) a little late?
But, what about the reading quality will it be the same as Nec or better?
And the writing quality will it be the same?
Did anyone allready tested or reviewed the Samsung?

Thanx again.

No it’s not a rebadged NEC. The Samsung SH-W08A is the same as the Toshiba SD-R5272. Toshiba and Samsung has a quite new joint venture (similar to BenQ and Philips).
Press release here.

Edit: I posted the specs on the front page here.

Thanks JSL.
I allready read some threads here about the Tosh n i’m not very impressed with it.
But who’s responsible for the F/W updates, Samsung or Toshiba? I guess Toshiba since their recorder is out for some time, but it’s possible that Samsung delayed theirs to correct something or to make some improvements. Will just have to wait n see.
Anyway, the NEC n Pioneer should be cheaper than the Samsung, so i guess i’ll choose from one of them.

Thanx again.

P.S. I´m happy owner of SD616Q n SW252B drives.

Hi all

I’ve got these DVD Rewriter, the Samsung SH-W08A.
And I have a big problem with it. I can write, DVD’s but, if it’s done, the DVD couldnt be readed. I dont know what is the reason for it. its always the same, device couldnt be found. And in my dvdplayer ist the message disc error. Can anybody help me please?

Thank you a lot!

Originally posted by Mallligan
[B]Hi all

I’ve got these DVD Rewriter, the Samsung SH-W08A.
And I have a big problem with it. I can write, DVD’s but, if it’s done, the DVD couldnt be readed. I dont know what is the reason for it. its always the same, device couldnt be found. And in my dvdplayer ist the message disc error. Can anybody help me please?

Thank you a lot! [/B]

Could very well be the media you are using. What type, speed and brand media are you using?

If it was cheap or unknow, try some better media like Verbatim, TDK, Ricoh, maxell etc…

Hi OC-Freak

thank a lot foe answering. A friend of mine said the same like you, so I try now two other mediums, Verbatim and Memorex. My first’s was swisstec, a brand I never heared before g It was a cheap one. I will tell you what is the result.

Greetz to Norway from Switzerland


Hi all

now I got it!!! :bow: :bow: :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

it was definitely the medium. With Memorex and Verbatim I dont have any troubles!
The Samsung has wrote mp3, DVD Video and Data-DVD without any problems :slight_smile:

Greetings Mallligan

I had it for about 4 hours…wasnt impressed too much. its a ok drive but definatly the nec 2500 beat it with all my media.

Hi, I just bought this dvd-/+rw also, but it was used and didnt come with the cd for the drivers and windows only sees it as a cd-rom. Does anyone know where I can get the drivers for it? Ive looked on Samsungs website, Ive looked on Toshibas, Ive looked on Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology’s website, and I cant find anything but drivers for windows 3.1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

No drivers are needed for Windows. Don’t worry if Windows detects it as a CD-ROM. Windows is quirky like that. Just ignore it. As long as your burning software detects it correctly, you’re fine.

Here is what happens. I start up my comptuer, it sees the dvd, I open up dvd shrink 3.1, it tries to analyze the disc, it runs into a copy protection error, and when I take out the dvd and in My Computer, it labels the drive as “Dvd-Rw Drive” and I put a different dvd in and it changes to “CD Drive” and wont read dvds till I reboot. I dunno, maybe Im using the wrong software, Im pretty knew to this dvd burning stuff. I use dvd shrink because a friend does and hes had no problems with it.

Sounds like a problem with Shrink. I’ve never used it, so I have no idea what to suggest, though this “copy protection” error seems to suggest something involving the CSS encryption on DVDs. You might be better off asking about this problem with Shrink in the appropriate software forum.

I highly doubt that it’s a problem with Windows or with any drivers. When I put in a disc into my burner, it, too, gets labeled as “CD-ROM”. Don’t worry about it; it’s perfectly normal.

Ok, thank you, I appreaciate the help. After waiting roughly 5 minutes, it ended up seeing the second dvd I put it, and it didnt run into any errors. I’ll go check out the Software thread, thanks for the advice.

If Samsung wants to be taken seriously, they need to release regular firmware upgrades. Same for their twin Toshiba. If not, newbies will buy the drive, but noone will buy the drive twice or upgrade it when the newer model comes out, they’ll switch to another company. Not a great long term strategy. No point in doing things halfway.

If it helps - and if it doesnt, here it is anyways.

This is a firmware for the SAMSUNG SH-W08 which will upgrade it to a SH-W08A 1S31 (or so it says).

But i did notice the difference and I am quite thankful. I recently purchased the SH-W08, and tried to burn an authored DVD on a 4x DVD-R - but to then have the newly burnt media not recognised in the DVD Burner, DVD-ROM and 3 different DVD players.

After this upgrade- was suprised to see that some errors disappeared from a few DVD authoring programs (while trying to burn) - and that the burning time was cut in half.

Test Media size: 1.17 gb (contains video, audio, menu, etc.)
Previous Burn Time @ 4x: approx. 15 mins
New Burn Time @ 4x: approx. 7.5 mins

Not sure if it was due to the poor burning performance - or the media but it was a suprise it burned quicker than expected.

I thought all was lost - but having found this upgrade, i can rest a little easier.

Cheers & Take Care :cool:

A company as large as Samsung shouldn’t have to rely on The Dangerous Brothers to release firmware for their drive. What percentage of their users will know to look there? I would guess 1%. It shouldn’t be this hard.

NEC is a big company as well. Sorry but it is hard for Samsung to release the firmware. They are not that competent. That was why a manager after 20 years of working at Samsung Electronics and many years selling and exporting millions of Samsung optical drives to Japan and US quit and founded his own company. That was on March 31, 2003. He knew Samsung didn’t have the ability to make their own DVD writers. They needed cooperation with a Japanese company like Toshiba or Ricoh. Toshiba-Samsung is also based in Tokyo, with Toshiba owning 51% and Samsung the other 49%, like in the Hitachi-LG relationship. They actually expect to have half of the future ODD market but I’m not sure. I can say though they are indeed preparing to dominate the HD-DVD drive market. Toshiba’s the main company behind HD-DVD approved in the DVD Forum. Anyway, till then, I’ll not buy any Samsung DVD writer unless one costs half an LG.

I’ve got the same problem…

CD-R works
CD-RW works
DVD+R works
DVD+RW works
DVD-RW works
DVD-R i can write but i can’t read dvds i burned.

tomorrow I’ll buy Verbatim and i hope they’ll work… :frowning: