Anyone heard of Samsung Pleomax media?

I just saw a great deal on Samsung Pleomax media at TigerDirect, 8X, 100 for $23.99

Never heard of them, was just wondering if they’re any good or should I stick with HP’s? Tiger has them for $14.99 for 50 (2-25 packs)

Thanks, folks

If those are your only two choices…I’d pick the HP ones. I haven’t heard much good about Samsung Pleomax.


Samsung keeps switching manufacturers.
The latest batch(es) are MBI but there is still quite some optodisc and ritek made stuff out there.

I’m betting those Samsungs are Optodiscs. Have a look at my thread:

Thank You, folks - that’s all I needed to know - I’ll stick with known brands!

Why not get the Verbatims on sale for $15/50pk at Best Buy? They’re much better media than both of those options.

Verbatim is of course very good media and would be a better deal in this case since no shipping is necessary if buying locally, but I wouldn’t say it’s ‘much better’ than any of the HP CMC I’ve used. Very similar in quality to the MCC004 I’ve used. ‘Off brands’ of CMC such as some of what is sold in Europe is another story…

I’ve just got 1 DVD+R and 1 DVD-R discs of Samsung Pleomax slim cases for testing :

Good PIF , high PIE and Jitter :frowning:

You know, you’re absolutely right :flower: Perhaps I should have just said that they’re preferable.

“Pleomax” is a specialized brand from Samsung for IT Media & Consumable products. Webcams, speakers, keyboards, mouse, external harddisks, flash drives and…optical media like CD-R and DVD products. You can find full details on

Thanks Pleomax. Cool website. :cool:

where are these 6x DVD-RW? :a

or is it just another vapourware? :Z

Come to think of it, I don’t think any of the DVD media that you can see on the official Pleomax site is actually available in the shops.

I haven’t seen any 16x Samsung DVD-Rs yet. Very peculiar indeed.

I can find a lot here in Egypt :bigsmile:

Anyway , you better stick to Verbatim and/or TY if you want highest quality .

Well that’s obvious.

To us, maybe :wink: - but minaelromany’s advice is very handy for some newcomers that like to burn Ritek and Princo :wink:


Could you believe that a local shop stopped selling TY and Verbatim and now only sell Ritek and Princo because “they’re the most popular media”???



Sounds like a little PC shop near me - nothing but E-net stuff (Datawrite and Bulkpaq and Tuffdisc) :eek:


It is the way things go on , crappiest things are always the most popular :a

@Arachne :

Some bigger shops also have crap media .

I always see Ritek crap sold with TY and Verbatim as if it was on par with them :Z