Anyone hear about this? RIAA supposedly going nuts

RIAA Legal Ruling Could Shut Down The Internet
U.S. government supports legal case that would criminalize making any files available on the world wide web

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A landmark legal case on behalf of the Recording Industry Association of America and other global trade organizations seeks to criminalize all Internet file sharing of any kind as copyright infringement, effectively shutting down the world wide web - and their argument is supported by the U.S. government.

They’re having a laugh surely. :eek:

Ho-Lee Crap . . .

I highly doubt the net would shut down, although I’m sure that would make the RIAA happy. That crap is getting absolutely ridiculous. I’m glad I don’t live in a paranoid police state. (Sorry to my American friends!)

it’ll never happen, too many people (myself included :o :stuck_out_tongue: ) are addicted to teh intarweb

I agree. :iagree:

Too many people are dependent on the web - full stop.

I mean for a start, can you imagine how many businesses would go under if the Internet and the Web were shut down?

The RIAA clearly have not thought this one through. :disagree:

One organization with a couple of million $
a million businesses with billions of $$$…you tell me who is going to win.

Besides when you tell the average internet user that they are no longer allowed to share a picture of their grandaughter with the rest of the family through the internet…there would be such a backlash that the public would demand that the RIAA be shut down instead.

when was the last time they thought anything through :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait for the day when they try to pull some retarded plan/lawsuit/etc. and it backfires and puts them under

follow-up article:

So the RIAA don’t want to shut down the Internet completely but they want to create a government-controlled Internet being touted as “Internet 2”?

I suppose that could happen one day. But I can’t see it happening any time soon to be honest. :disagree:

Maybe it’s just me, but regarding all this mentioned in the above links, I find the RIAA’s attitude incredibly arrogant.

That they have control over what governments and service providers do the world over! :rolleyes:

The RIAA can kiss it. I frankly don’t care. All the RIAA does is brag. They can never shut down the Internet, becuase there is no one way to shut it down. You can’t just pull a plug and then it goes bye bye.

But we have to all remember, the internet is a series of tubes!jk

I hate the RIAA, mainly because theyre stupid. You cannot shut down the internet, its that simple. And if there ever is a government controlled internet called I2, then Im going to start living in a church. Because I went to an “Acquire the Fire” Christian event not too long ago, and one of the themes was a government controlled future, with a government controlled internet called…You guessed it, I2. I think that event was back in April, and its already coming true.

The way they could do it is by pricing people out of it. Eg.- ISP’s start charging $200/month for the 'net, while charging $20/month for Internet 2. Businesses could afford it, thereby not affecting them that much. Same for the rich folk. But for us peons… Apparently good 'ol Mr. Gates has already brought up that one; saw a newsclip about that somewhere fairly recently.

I say we form rioutous mobs and storm the Gates mansion…:smiley:

Don’t give them ideas :eek:

  1. RIAA is BS
  2. is BS also. is a little to much on the “tinfoil” hat side for me. I don’t like the RIAA by any means, but to take seriously as a source is funny.

Yeah, Alex Jones is a bit of a weirdo…Plus, hes a major conspiracy theorist, and I would recommend taking most of what he says with more than a grain of salt.

If The RIAA Shut Down The Internet They Cant Do Anything!!! Its Ma Bell All Over AgaIN!

What the hell is Ma Bell? :confused: