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To start with I want to take my hat off to the peopel that created these awesome software products.
I have been using all the DVDFab programs for about 2 months now, burning appoximately 100 movies. In the process I have gone through 200 blank DVD disks, having all kinds of different burn failures. I tried every one of the burn programs offered here as well as NERO and “I COPY DVDs”, I even removed them from my PC and re-installed them several times. I even added more ram to my PC. I have a pentium 2.4 mhz, with 750 megs of ram, 80 gig hard drive and a new 16x lite-on DVD writerand a new 20x lite-on DVD writer Each attempt to copy a movie was very erratic, some failed at the very beginning and others failing after writing 99%. The time it took from start to finish was never less than 1 1/2 hours. So I backed up all my files, formatted my hard drive and re-installed windowsXP. The first movie I made a copy of after getting windows up and running again sailed through perfectly, and amazingly fast too. It only took 12 minutes to copy the movie to my hard drive and only 5 more minutes to burn a flawless copy to a blank DVD. That was a week ago and I have now copied 10 movies without any problems or errors or failed attempts. The fastest session so far has been 12 minutes copy and burn, and the longest is 29 minutes copy and burn. This is using DVDFab GOLD, but I did try one using I COPY DVDS and it was equally fast at 12 minutes.
So my fellow DVDFAB users, if you are having problems with any of the DVDFab programs, PLEASE…stop trying to fix the DVDFab programs, stop waiting for the great people behind the DVDFab programs to come up with a solution to the problems you are having with your computer, stop waiting for a fix and complaining…you have the power to fix the problems you are having yourself. Get a backup program if you don’t have one, back up your files and rub fixdisk on your hard drive if you have XP, or format in you some other version of windows. You can fixdisk or format your drive and install windows in under and hour. I a am sure you will then see for yourself just how fantastic these DVDFab programs really are. Good luck to you all,
P.S. If anyone needs help email me at and I will be glad to help anyone with the process of running fixdisk or formatting their drive and installing windows


I agree that what you’ve done to help your burn time isn’t good, but there are simpler ways to rectifiy many of the issues DVDFab users run across. I myself would like to find out more about FixDisk. Alittle tweak here a little tweak there and you’re good to go. ~ Mike


Hi Mike, fixdisk is not a little tweak…fixdisk remove absolutely everything from your hard drive, even the boot information. Windows XP will do fixdisk and format all in one step when you choose that option, but with Windows ME, other previous windows versions, you don’t have to run fixdisk, you only have to run format…which also will remove EVERYTHING from your hard drive. That is why I said to do a back up of all your files BEFORE you use either format or fixdisk…you will also MUST have a CD rom copy of your windows program because you will have to install it to the hard drive again. So don’t use either format or fixdisk unless and until you have determined that you can install your windows again


I understand. Seems like a drastic measure. Would have to be a serious issue to use that program to fix the problem. You might try use the knowledge of the people who frequent this forum for a fix to a problem and as a LAST resort, do what your talking about. But, if it absolutly needs doing, your way sounds like it’ll do the trick. ~ Mike


Or you can just simply do regular computer maintenance to prevent your system from getting that corrupt.



As I said as well as Mack, ‘’ A little dab will do ya’’, LOL. ~ Mike


Well Mike and Mack, I don’t think you can chalk up all the problems everyone is having to lack of regular computer maintenance. The very reason that I made the initial post was because it seems to me that there are an aweful lot of customers that are frustrated and some down right angry by trying over and over and over to use these programs and having no success. I myself scrolled through post after post for weeks trying all the different things suggested. I have been using a computer for 20 years and building and repairing them for the past 15 years, so I feel confident that I am able to handle regular computer maintenance. What I can tell you is that windows can develop errors that no amount of maintenance can correct. Most often these kind of errors come to life when software programs are added that utilize memory allocations and dll’s that are supposed to be used for windows files. Whatever the causes it seems to me that a lot of the customers posting here are experiencing windows problems, not DVDFab problems. What made me suppect this was reading 2 or 3 posts from I guess the site moderators? that talk as if the use the very same DVDFab software all the rest of the people that post here do but they don’t have any of the problems. So I asked myself what could be different that would allow a handful of people to use a software program and never have any problems and at the same time what seems like hundreds of other people using the same software and consitently having such big problems that they can not even use the software. Well, when you read the posts from those hand full of people responding to all the other people to “try this, and try that”, and all of them come back with, “I tried that, it did not work and I tried that too and it still doesn’t work”. That is when I said to myself, I have tried everything they have suggected, I know my PC is more than adequet to handle the software, I am using 2 brand new DVD burners, I close down all other programs stay offline and yet it still takes 2,3, and even 4 blank DVD’s to copy and burn 1 movie. So I backed up my files, cleaned my hard drive and installed windows and now DVDFab runs exactly the way I am sure the programmers intended it to. Today I copied a movie and burned it to a blank DVD in 29 minutes flat, start to finish, and the cool thing about it was that I was actually surfing the web while DVDFab GOLD was doing it’s magic in the background. I would not have even attempted this before. I will bet that if anyone having copy problems, hangup problems, and burn problems will re-install windows, there problems will disappear. I don’t mean to just re-install windows, that will not solve any problems,(I know, I tried that too) you have to start with a blank formatted hard drive and install windows. After you get windows installed and install the DVDFab program, you will be truely amazed at the difference. For anyone reading this, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remember to back up all your files BEFORE you do anything else.


Just in case anyone is wondering, I am making copies of my own extensive private DVD collection


Here we go again. [B]Signals[/B] - you know I have to say something about this. HAHAHAHA. [B]jgrice53[/B], I’m not going to quote your other long comment but I may refer to it. First of all, read more than 2 or 3 posts before drawing a conclusion. I’ll just give you 1 (mind you “1”) thread that you can review among many. FAB Won’t Run Read through it all and then see the “solution” (or compromise). And I agree with the earlier comment (not from you). If your system needed a reformat and re-install to fix the problem, then there [B][I]IS[/I][/B] some maintenance you’re neglecting. Don’t just simply suggest to everyone that they need to do something so drastic! Everybody’s configuration and equipment is different. You should know that based on your so-called background. You sound like a doctor who just wants to “cut it out” rather than get a second opinion. And stop blindly praising DVD FAB3 like it’s perfect. It’s a tool like any other. Why do you think :smiley: Fengtao :smiley: is doing updates around the clock? You should read near the end of this thread too: Rewritable DVD (+RW) Saves me the time of retyping. I’m a DELL Certified Hardware Tech Support Supervisor and, [B]NO[/B] . . . that title doesn’t mean [I]anything[/I] here . . . we’re all equal here. I only mention that to make you think twice before you make another snap judgement that I don’t know anything about computers or support, like you did everyone else who has an issue with DVD FAB3xxx.

There’s nothing wrong with giving praise when it’s deserved.
But if this :bow: is [B][I]always[/I][/B] your posture, then you’re probably just kissing butt.

And it puts you in perfect position for someone to kick yours!

Be objective. :smiley:


Hi, everyone. Don’t want to seem like a real smartass here, but another thing I do most weekends is to clean my burner lens with one of these cleaning discs.

After reading about some of the misadventures on this board with some real posh burners, I just want to keep my old Freecom FX10 burner in as good condition as possible.

See you all later, then. Jim :slight_smile:


Hello again. Darksharkx, your point is exactly the same point I was tring to make in my first post. But, alas, it must of fell on deaf ears :confused:


You know, I really don’t get it, I just don’t understand why you guys come right out attacking me. Look guys, all I am trying to do is help. You’ve given me the impression that you don’t want me trying to help. Is that what is going on, I am stepping on your toes? I am new and you don’t want an outsider coming in helping because I have not paid my dues?

From the quote from my first post above DARKSHARKX, you can see that I did in fact read more than just 2 or 3 posts as you implied

There is very good logic behind my suggestion that anyone having simular problems trying to use DVDFab software, to format their hard drive. I am very new to this kind of software and I know practically nothing about it. I have no doubt that any of you know more about computers than I do. But I do know that you can spend an aweful lot of time and energy trying to correct a computer software problem without success.
One of the things I learned long ago is that sometimes it is not worth trying to chase down a software problem, and you have to know when to do a backup and reformat. More than once I have wasted a lot of time trying to get some computer running before finally doing a backup, format and install. and If you are in business doing PC repair, as I am, you had better learn pretty quick or you will loose a lot of customers.
How many times do you think you had to use the restore function during the thread “FAB WON’T RUN”? Windows Restore is a lot like formatting the hard drive in the sense of the end rersult, they both revert the computer back to a working state. In my opinion, formatting a hard drive is not much more drastic than doing a system restore. A lot of DVDFab users are not as computer knowledgeable as you, and all they know is that they install the program and it doesn’t work.

Yes you are right, and what that tells you is that if you have 100 people all with different configurations and different equipment and they are all having the same problems, it ain’t hardware…
And if you have a few people using that very same software and are not having these problems…then it ain’t the software. Yes, sure some of the problems are hardware related, such as yours with the fw issue, but the majority can quickly be ruled out as hardware problems.
You were lucky, I also tried to restore my system too, and well as running windows xp repair and nothing would correct the problems that I was having. The point that I would like to make is that, why didn’t you just do some “computer maintenance” ,as you suggested I do, to fix the problem instead of doing a sytem restore? From what I read in all your posts, once your computer froze up, and it sure seemed to have happened a lot, the only way you could get it working right was to do a sytem restore. Don’t you think that is EXACTLY what I was trying to suggest in my first post? I did not list every single step and every single thing that I tried as you did, because I was trying to keep from having such a long post. I just wanted to get the point across that I have tried and tried before I finally did format my hard drive. I did not just format my drive on a whim, I spent more than 2 months trying to find a fix. I would just like to save someone else 2 months of wasted disks and frustation. So just for the record, I used system restore quite a few times, I ran more than 1 registry checker, more than 1 time, I completely removed all DVDFab software and files, all other DVD copy programs and even DVD player software. I also manually searched for any files not deleted, before downloading the program again and installing it. I would also like to know where you got that I made a snap judgement that you or anyone doesn’t know anything about computers or support? The only thing that I am aware of making a snap judgement about is that I know MY way around a computer, that was not to imply or infer that you or anyone else does not.


Hmm, Objective? I’ll be objective. I agree with you that a format is a very drastic step. I also believe that it’s not necessary. I’ve also been building and configuring systems for over fifteen years. I believe that sensible computing along with regular maintenance with keep a system in top shape. Personally, I don’t understand how anyone who’s got over a decade of computer experience can not know that the program is called FDISK, not fixdisk.

I’ve posted here only a few times. I am a supervisor at an industrial facility. I work seven days a week with only one day off per month. If I had more time, I’d spend more of it here. Almost every post I have written has been complementary to Fentao and Ting. This is because I do not have any problems with this software. I backup a couple of titles per week, sometimes only one. Therefore, I’m unable to provide much help.

My “posture” being mostly praise means neither that I’m “kissing butt”, nor that I’m in any position you describe.

This type of talk only expresses your immaturity. I had acquired respect for you from reading some of your posts as they are usually helpful. Today sir, it has been lost.



As far as maint on the computer goes I run CHDSK /F and run all the spyware (3) different ones and 2 different registry cleaners and disk clean up 2 different ones and defrag once a week and my computer runs great. Like Mac says a little computer maint. goes a long way and like Mike said A little dab will do ya :slight_smile: also I run SFC (system file check):bigsmile:


Also, we aren’t worried about someone new coming onto the furum and ‘‘stepping on some toes’’. We welcome Everyone with a opinion or who takes the time to help someone else with a problem. That’s not the issue. We all do this for free. We get payed with the satisfaction of knowing someone’s helped. AND in the same way you are allowed to express your idea’s of trying to help, in that same vein, we can or are allowed to say how we would dampen or modify your idea. That maybe it isn’t a cure all for all problems which is kinda how it came off to me personally and which is why I originally responded back on thread #2. I not or anyone else here for that matter is putting you down or criticizing you, just maybe trying to temper when and why you might use your method of fixing an issue, that’s all. Thanks. ~ Mike


Of course you are right Bryon, FDISK is the correct dos command that allows the user to delete and/or create partitions on a hard disk drive. MS-DOS 3.3x and below used and MS-DOS 4.x and above uses fdisk.exe
Sorry for mistyping the command, sometimes my typing takes on some of the slang that I unfortunatly speak on occasion.

I fully agree that sensible computing along with regular maintenance will keep a system in top shape. I have not been talking about keeping a system in top shape or maintenance of any kind. At no time have I suggested that one should use fdisk or format for computer maintenance or to keep a computer in top shape. it appears that there are some that have missed my point entirely…talk about falling on deaf ears. I spent 2 months trying to get my PC to work with the DVDFab software which I would never do on a customers PC


My deaf ears weren’t the only ones who heard your message jgrice, hence the 16 posts to this thread. I’m only trying to explain at least my reaction to your idea’s and hoping you’ll understand mine. We all work together here. I came across a issue on another thread today that I’d never encountered before. With signals help I learned from it and will now know for future reference how to fix the issue and help another. Just trying to show you where I’m coming from jgrice. Take it easy. ~ Mike


I think enough has been said, lets move on. If there is a problem with DVD Fab, Fengtao will fix it. Lets move on please.:cop:


Mike I do take it as a personal attack and a put down when someone accuses me of kissing butt and being in a position to get mine kicked. In my opinion, personal attacks and putdowns are used as a defense when someone feels threatened…why the personal attack if I or what I say is not not a threat.
I did not come into this forum and say “HEY THESE GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF JOKES THEY DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT COMPUTERS, DON’T LISTEN TO THEM JUST FORMAT YOUR COMPUTERS”. That would have been uncalled for and certainly out of line.
No, I did not make a detailed step by step list of everything I had done, but I clearly stated that I corrected all my problems after 2 months dealing with these problems and trying most of all the things in this forum.
During the 2 months, I read hundreds of posts on here. No, I did not read evey post, like those with hardware problems that were unrelated to my situation.
After reading DARKSHARKX’s reply to my post I did read the FAB WON’T RUN thread. My post was not intended for anyone like him, he is clearly quite knowlegdable about computers and I am sure he doesn’t need my help with anything.
My post was meant for all the people like myself that know hardly anything about this DVDFab software and are so frustrated they are angrily complaining and even asking for a refund.
Why sit back and wait for Fentao and Ting to come up with another fix or update after trying everything suggested when in an hour I can have this software working and be up and running like new?
I do praise Fentao and Ting and their software. If you use their software, why not praise them? And for those of you that think praising them is kissing butt, what software do you use? If the one you use is so much better please tell me what it is, I would like to try it also


Mike when I made the comment about falling on deaf ears in was in response to comments like

Comments like that gave me the impression that you and others didn’t read all of my post. How more clearly can I express that I read through what seemed like hundreds of posts over 2 months and tried everything that was suggested. So i wondered how you could say that I should use the knowledge of the people here after reading everything in my original post?
I am all for helping each other too Mike, that’s why I made the post in the first place.