Anyone having possibly rounding error problems with Lite-on 5045 recorder?


Just a theory of mine that there is an inconsistency for the algorithm that measures timing of media on the hard disk vs. what is measured on the media when it has been recorded on to a disk. A couple of symptoms that I perceive when recording content on to the hard disk and chapterizing it and subsequently burning that content to a disk:

  1. Looking at the time for a video that is on one’s hard disk versus what is shown on the DVD+R I’ve recorded, it will be perhaps off by a single digit at the end for the same content that would seem to indicate perhaps an inconsistency with the way the firmware measures time for content on the hard disk and the DVD. Now if that’s the only problem, I’m not too concerned, as the time listed on the dvd itself doesn’t affect playback.

  2. Most of the chapters and hidden chapters at slivers of garbage that I hide from things like elements of commercial breaks of tv shows or other undesirable content i want to hide work fine and consistently both on the hard disk and on the DVD. But periodically, when I look at a given hidden chapter stop on a recorded DVD, part of what should be hidden shows up on the DVD, that doesn’t show when watching it through the recorder. I update the chapter stop to more it a tick to cover up that break content, and it works fine, but I notice that the entry point is actually sooner on the DVD still than it is on the Hard disk source recording. Part of me wonders if the same issue that I see that appears to be rounding algorithm differences on timings showing up differently in item 1 here also affects where the chapter stops actually get set on a DVD versus where they are set on the master recording on the host disk of the Lite-on Machine.

Anyone else having this problem? I’ve noticed this in the last year or so. Now I don’t know if it is a factor of what DVD recorder drive I have (which I’ve switched a few times over the years when older ones have died), or if it is something I have just noticed more recently. Have’t bothered to go on a fishing expedition with older disks to see if there might be other disks where I missed this same error.

With a drive this old and Lite-on not supporting it any more, I probably don’t want to risk updating firmware, when otherwise it works fine. But just would like to hear if others might have had the same problem.

I used to be “YahooMike” user on this site, but I can’t get to that account any more since I haven’t logged in in a while, and noted that it still has an older email address of mine associated that verio arbitrarily killed off recently in their site updates after being bought up by a monopoly ISP company. No way to get back on to that account I suppose.