Anyone having luck burning MCC004 @ 16X?

Now that I take the time to scan for quality routinely, I’m discovering that my favorite 16X media is not burning all that well at 16X, and sometimes not even at qualities above 90 at 8X, in my 1673 now a 1693 using KC3B.

I am likely to go soon to KC4B, as I like what I’m seeing there, but most all scans uploaded of KC3B or KC4B FW seem to be 8X sony or yuden +R media burned at 8X, in order to get the superb scans. I’m trying not to switch FW’s faster than my drive can learn, but C0deKing makes that very tempting and I certainly appreciate all the help you maestros provide.

But at the same time, I find it frustrating to be buying “highest quality” media for under 40 cents a disc that for me is performing at a lower level at etiher 8X or 16X than my LiteOn’s earlier favorite 8X media, Prodisc R03.

Anyone agree or disagree with what I think I’m learning ?