Anyone having a problem with "Click"?

I’ve tried to rip my personal copy of “Click” to my Hard Drive using AnyDVD + DVD Decrypter and it doesn’t seem to want to get past around 10%.

I’ll get an initial buffer overflow in the second bar and then it will begin to drop down slowly and appear to begin to rip successfully;however, after it gets to around 8% it slows down and then stops completely.

Is this any new protection out there or should I get out of my old software habits and use something “newer”? Any help is very appreciated.


*I’m currently using AnyDVD

You are several updates behind. Update to latest 6080 i think. Just backed up my new walmart copy today with anydvd & clonedvd2. No problems.

Wouldn’t you know it. I’ll give that a running try and update with my results. Thanks.

good luck

AnyDVD and Clone DVD 2 backed up fine for me

AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter worked it’s magic. Guess I needed to upgrade. Thanks.

Remember to enable the ‘check for new versions’ feature so that you will be notified of them. Or check the emails they send you.

No issues here with 1ClickDVD Copy and AnyDVD! With this movie! :wink:

i tried magic dvd copier and dvd cloner 3 with no luck so far

Slysoft products done this, anydvd with shrink, DVDD and anydvd has done this, Fab has done this, DVD neXt Copy has done this. There is no problem with this movie at all. Doll8468 has shown that anydvd and 1 click did this so there is plenty to choose from.

I fianlly used anydvd and magic dvd copier, works fine now

There are good reasons for using updated software…

From what I’ve seen - the main issue with this dvd release (R1) is that Sony went over the top with the number of corrupt/unreadable sectors they jammed into the beginning of this movie on the dvd.

I can’t get it to copy with Anydvd + Nero Recode. “Out of Memory , Not enough storage space to continue”. And the normal way I do it just froze Nero, and I got this message when i ripped the files to the hd.

Are you using the latest AnyDVD jman26:

Pick a choice and don’t use nero as a reader and writer together.

shrink, DVDD and anydvd has done this, Fab has done this, DVD neXt Copy, 1 click has done this.

Just used DVD Decrypter and anydvd to burn to hardrive and dvdrebuilder to rebuild it and shink it then clonedvd to burn and it worked great.

Yeah I’m using the latest version of Anydvd, I encoded with shrink, then burned with nero, which worked finally.


What verion of anydvd are you using? It shows a good track record this can be done with various software.