Anyone having a Big Day Out tomorrow?

Woohoo! BDO time in Sydney… anyone else going?

I just went out to Homebush to get my VIP pass :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to see the Beastie Boys and Chemical Sisters. Regurgitator’s going to kick fourteen types of ass too. :iagree:


I have really no idea what you’re celebrating during this BDO, but have fun … I have to go to work like every Tuesday. :a :frowning: :a :sad:

Work for me.

The Big Day Out is a rather large festival that tours Australia this time every year. Like Glastonbury, but only goes for 1 day. My housemate happens to be the co-ordinator/manager of the dance music section.

Oh, and today’s a public holiday in Australia. :cool:

Yeah im off to the cash point to get my dole money out! :cool:

sounds like someones exited :iagree:

i doute its anything like glastonbury :stuck_out_tongue: were the feck are you going to get 600acres of muddy fields from in sydney :bigsmile:

600 acres pffftttt sydney laughs at your puny 600 acres.

3 seperate stages … Each stage halved so another band can setup while the current one plays …

Beer cheaper than water … a thick cloud of mull-smoke hanging 5ft above the ground … and so much bass your head throbs before you get past the gates …

All combines in such a way that you end up with a nasty hangover for three days afterward… even if you didn’t drink beer or smoke …
Last years BDO sucked… Couldn’t hear the singers sing at all cos the idiots in charge of audio setup just upped the bass until it drowned out everything else. The toilets … insufficient … a stream urine suspiciously originating from an fire hose reel cabinet …


and glastonbury laughs at your punny line up :stuck_out_tongue: and lack of mud

I don’t go to them either, same reasons