Anyone have trouble with Wall-E?

Making a backup of my Wall-E DVD. First, tried Clone using dual-layer media. Burn successfully completed but when played menu mapping didn’t seem to work. I’d click to play movie and player would just stop (tried on multiple DVD players). Decided must just be a quirky thing with dual-layer so tried to backup main movie only on single-layer media. Seemed to burn fine but an hour into the movie it pauses…starts…pauses…starts…pauses…starts… and you get how it goes from there. Anyone else have this problem or anyone with suggestions?

I picked up Wall-E on Nov. 8th.
Using movie only or full disk with pathplayer enabled or disabled made no
difference. DVDFAB would not work with this movie.

But then neither would any of the other programs I have. Until one of them was updated to handle this movie.

On the 8th I spent over 5 hours trying different software and different setting.
The only good copy I got was with the old outdated not updated for years Ripit4me.

I have not tried the latest beta of fab so do not know if it works or not.

I backed up Wall-E with no trouble, it played great… I am using DVDFAB I know its still DVDFAB 4 I have the New 5 But I have not had any trouble with any backups so far and I feel If it’s not broke I don’t fix it. I do use verbatim dics only, and 99% of the time I go from disk to HD Then copy data to the finished disk… just some useful info.


No problem with DVDFab Plat V5.1.1.0 pathplayer enabled burn with imgburn Win XP SP3 on Verbatim D/L and SL TY

just used dvdfab 4055 no probs

[QUOTE=bennybjorn;2163217]just used dvdfab 4055 no probs[/QUOTE]

I’m assuming thats Fab Platinum? Are you doing clone mode?

yes fab platinum,main and full disc options,haven’t tried clone

Hi all
I tried and DVDfa5 crashed everytime.
Finally copied the whole DVD to my hard drive using AnyDVD then used DVD shrink to take of just the movie audio and sub titles.

Hi - I could rip the full-disc and movie-only using ver 5110, but I couldn’t burn either using ImgBurn as the burn engine - my machine would freeze and I’d have to hard boot, and chkdsk wanted to clean up a couple times. I changed the burn engine to Nero and bam! Got my Wall-E DVD backed up. Hope it helps.