Anyone have this burner DWQ-30A?

If so, I would appreciate very much if you could tell me how you burn DVD’s from captured video files and play them back on any standalone player? I can only play back the burnt DVD’s on my pc without any problems, please tell me which software and blanks you use that will play on ANY player, thanks.

I have the same problem, I think it may be the same problem as this thread:

thanks for the link, so I am not alone in this. What does this mean for us? Is there no fix? Should we get rid of our burner and get something else?

It depends on the media that you are using. Without getting too deep into PI/PIF scanning, let me just explain in a nutshell - every DVD has some errors, and if they’re “off the chart”, most of the standalone players won’t read them. Sony burners (rebadged Lite-ONs, is this DWQ-30A the SHW-1635S? I’m not sure…) tend to burn crappy media in a crappy way.
But as long as you use Verbatim and/or TDK, you shouldn’t have any problems.

And, oh, there is also a thing called bitsetting (available only on DVD+R discs), which is believed to increase the compatibility of burned DVDs in standalone players.

But there are different opinions about the readibility of properly burned DVDs in standalone players. Some people report DVD-R as being better, while some other people say that DVD+R plays all right.

I’m not taking any of the places, as I don’t own any standalone player.

I hope this clears up the problem a little - if you have any further questions, just ask.

Besides, after reading the other topic, it seems to me that this problem isn’t just about bitsetting and PI/PIF…so I’m shutting up by now :wink:

Well, at least that is encouraging news but we still need someone to verify this who has actually played the dvd’s with success on a standalone player. Right now it seems that I have wasted money purchasing this 50-pack of Taiyo Yuden that is supposed to be the best blank available and which came highly recommended by most on all of the forums I subscribe to, problem here is that I cannot get “single” dvd’s to test so testing verbatim or TDK as you’ve suggested will be very expensive for me as I will have to purchase at least a 10-pack or so or maybe more unless the next type of blank I purchase should work out but this is a risk.

Can you tell me exactly which type of blanks you have tried please? I wish to narrow this down so when I try another blank I will not get the one[s] you have tried and maybe you could do the same so we get to the bottom of this and it will mean less expense for us to experiment? Here is the exact balnks I have:

I have to say that I rarely trust eBayers selling “genuine” Taiyo Yuden Discs. But this guy seems to be at least reliable - if you want to be 100% sure, ask him to send you a photo of the “Made in Japan” label on the spindle. If he says that there’s no “Made in Japan”, these discs are simply NOT TY.

Faking MIDs is possible, yes.

I had called up TY on this, the blanks are genuine.

I’m using RiDisc media

the quality of the burn appears ok, I think its the fact the the burn starts a lot further out than with my other DVD writer which is a Pioneer 106

From what I understand, you are using -R? If this is so, then we have both covered both sides of the topic +R and -R so this means to me that maybe we have to experiment with different “brand names”? I will try Maxell this weekend, maybe you can try either TDK or Sony if you can get single packs?

Whats the firmware on your drive?

Don’t know, had looked into this after reading one of the threads and wrote to TY for help asking how to upgrade the firmware but haven’t gotten a reply yet. Can you or anyone else tell me how to check for this please?

Just as aside, looking at your original question. I hope you have properly authored the captured videos into DVD format, ie the files have been MPEG2 encoded and made into .vob files etc, before being burnt. If you have just saved and burnt the .avi or .mpg files then yes they would play on the computer (as the software is available) but it would not play on the set top boxes.

Looks like you’ve hit the nail on the head, I hope. I never knew that I had to “Author” the captured Mpeg2 files, I will go see how to convert to this “.vob” file then burn, thanks, will get back to you.

I’ve just downloaded a video file converter called Fx MPEG Writer but I don’t see an option to convert the Mpeg file to .vob, the options I see are

Will one of those work? If so, which one please? Or do I absolutely need to convert the MPEG2 file to vob?

Oh, by the way Plummy, from Nero’s interface, I am seeing
Firmware Revision YYS2

Is this what you were asking?

use vso divxtodvd to change format to vob :bow:. if u are still using fx mpeg
then use the one change to dvd. :iagree:

Won’t you know it, both the DVD and SVCD options can not be use in the Fx mpeg writer demo, looks like everywhere I turn I am getting screwed with this DVD burning thing, I am going to try the divxtodvd, will report back here, thanks.

Yes mate, although I’m not sure wether we have the same problem reading the posts. My problem is that the disc is not recognised as a good disc, not that it wont play whats on it. I know it can be a little difficult to tell on a set top box but whats yours doing?

I’ve put YYS5 firmware with still no luck

The problems I am having on my standalone DVD players with my burns are
1] Takes a long time to read the discs sometimes and sometimes not, so it’s not consistent reading the discs.
2] WHen it does read the discs, the discs frequently pause and sometimes freezes
3] Sometimes I get error messages like “Incorrect disc” and the discs won’t be read or played