ANYONE have the TDK 52x Bin file?

If so please email it to me at

Thank you

Joe S.

Yes, I’m very tempted to use my gift cards to buy this drive just for the firmware. I may get the TDK or the CRX220E1, both are in stores so I would think people would have them…

Here ya go. Thanks neo-reloaded!
Windows Flasher for any 6S based Ldrive to this firmware and the binary firmware is in there too: [link]

Will try and flash it later and see how it goes…

Thank you again


OK, please re-download the flasher if you downloaded it before I am posting this. I tested it myself.

See here.

I used MTKFLASH on the BIN file that you posted… It seemd to work… Do I need to re download the bin again and re flash?

Thank you


Nope, you don’t. The binary file is just fine :slight_smile: