Anyone have the drivers for a Yamaha CRW-F1E CD Burner?




I hope I’m posting in the right spot as I really need the driver files for my Yamaha CRW-F1E CD Burner. Would anyone here have a copy or know where I could download them?



There is no need for a driver. Your drive should work with any CD writing software.



Thanks mciahel,

I thought that might be the case. Could you explain to me what firmware is? According to Device Manager I have Firmware revision 1.0c. Any suggestions on what I could try to get the drive working? Device Manager tells me the drive is working but it won’t read or write to a cd. Any help will be much appreciated.



Ok, so I don’t have my cd burner configured properly or? What to do now? I did a search here for any other similar threads that may have been started and resolved but came up empty. My computer is a HP 9870 running windows ME. There must have been someone else here that had a problem installing a CD burner at one time or another but I don’t see any threads. Would anyone have a link where I could find some trouble shooting techniques to try and get my burner up and running? Or give any advice on what to do?



Hello Again,

I don’t know who I’m typing this to but I thought I had a pretty simple question that was answered somewhat ?? but there has to be someone here willing to help? I read the do’s and don’ts and it says:

When you receive no answer to your question it may be possible that no one has the answer. Instead of posting the question again you can reply in your own message and the topic will again appear on top of the topics listing.

Ok so I’m following protocol. I just hope there is someone here that can answer a few basic questions? Anyone Please???



Just a guess…
Try uninstalling the drive (device manager) then reinstall (just reboot )
Good luck!


I don’t know if this is an option, but I might suggest WinXP Home edition. You machine looks like it can handle Win XP and the upgrade (you have Windows ME) is only about $90.00. WinXP is a better designed OS than the Win9x OS. Hardware seems to work better on WinXP. If this is an option for you it will probably same you headaches for some time to come.

If the drive is hosed in some way, this will not help, but if it is a configuration issue, WinXP will probably resolve this.