Anyone have problems reading Lord of Rings new release?

Did anyone have a problem reading the new release of Lord of the Rings with AnyDVD and CloneDVD2?

nope, region2 worked fine for me.

Used latest versions of anyDVD and CloneDVD with a liteon 166s to read and an nec 2500 to write.

I tried first and had problems, but saw that i had any dvd set to Us region 1 in options
I am now trying with region 2, and it seems to be fine


I’ll try region 2 - thanks for the help

worked fine for me anydvd region 1 and clonedvd2 just a long movie to put on one disc

yes very bloody long film, A whopping 60 chapters. Now that’s the kind of film Dual layer media would be useful for…

Or you can split it on 2 dvd with clonedvd 2 so you keep an excellent quality.

That then requires me to get off my arse and change the disc over half way through :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

And the player is sooooo far away from me :sad: CAn you buy a mutli dvd player that can hold more than one dvd? That would be pretty cool :iagree: you could just switch disc at the click of a button :bigsmile:

lol :slight_smile:

I had problems with AnyDVD, said it couldn’t crack the encryption and would guess it.
Got around this problem by playing the disc for a few Min’s, then tried again.

I’ve seen little funky media players that can play: DIVX, DVD’s, WMA, MP3, MPEG, and most movie formats; have RCA, S-Video, Coax and Optical Out; and you can plug them into your network and just play movies straight over the network from anywhere. If you really want to go all out, you can also put a PCMCIA wireless card in and do it that way! :cool: It doesn’t come with a DVD drive, but you can attach one via USB in an external caddy

Or you can just get a “Mega PC” (or whatever is currently out, one of those EXTREMELY small footprint PC’s and use that! :slight_smile:

Or use a server, network and xbox :wink:

ive been having problems myself, with this title… i’l try region 2 , but i’m in region 1… does this make a diff??

AnyDVD works fine with CloneDVD2 for Lord of the Rings (region 2).
Works for all 3 movies (region 2).