Anyone have one of these burners they want to get rid of

CD-R Writer
PLEXTOR Plex Master

I have an old sony cdu-924s, but what possible use would you have for such an old dinosaur? I haven’t used the thing in years… It sat dormant in a server for the past 5 years or so…

I don’t even know if it still burns or not…

i need it for reasearch so please see if it burns and if so and you want to get rid of it tell me

I have no way to test it now, and wouldnt feel right selling it, as it is very old. I would be willing to ship it to you if you were willing to pay the postage and maybe $5.00 for my time in getting it to the post office.

send the info to my

on were to send the mony order and who to fill it out to and i would be willing to pay the shipping and handling on it



thanx alot

“is it internal or external SCSI” doesn’t matter either way just hope it was an external