Anyone have Nero DriveSpeed

I cant find this version anywhere to download. Ive found previous versions and it looks like its a free download/update.

If you have Nero 7, could you please check your Nero Drivespeed version and email it to me? I’ll PM u my email address.

The Drivespeed.exe file is in C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero Toolkit
You can tell the version by running it and clicking its dialog icon -> About
Or Right Click the EXE file and go into Properties->Version

I own Nero Version 6 and it only comes with an older version. I would download Nero 7 trial, but my Internet connection is sloowww. :o

thx :slight_smile:

I have Nero 7 ( and Drivespeed is the latest version.

Please note that the pathname for a Nero 7 install is different on my system. That may be because your path is for Nero 6.

What country are you in?

Note: Request made to move to Nero forum

PM sent :slight_smile:

Does anyone else have 3090 they can email to me?




I cannot find any indication that Nero DriveSpeed is freeware or shareware. If it ever was, it does not appear to be that way now. What you are asking for CDF members to do is not allowed.

The program you would like is available as part of the Nero suite which is available as a trial download. If you can find someone locally with a high speed connection, that would solve your problem. If your ISP provider’s policy allows, you can download it on a dial-up but it would probably take approximately 7 hours.