Anyone have Mitsubishi 8442 firmware

Can anyone provide me the firmware of Mitsubishi 8442?

8X +R
4X -R
4X +RW
2X -RW

Thank you very much!

also, who has the hacked firmware??

Please kindly help!

You might be out of luck here, there aren’t even any Mitsubishi DVD Recorders listed here…

Are you sure it’s not a cloned drive, i.e. it’s really an NEC 2500A or something similar…?

Mitsubishi is not a drive manufacturer, they rebadge drives made by other brands. Mitsubishi has used Ricoh drives in the past. Post more information about how your drive is detected and what its current firmware is and I can probably tell you the manufacturer.

IIRC, this is a rebranded Optorite. Now if I could just remember where I’ve seen this before… hmmm… try this:

It has HD-BURN…

yes…I also think it is the same machine as OptoRite, since the firmware number is 120I.

however, i try to update it with the latest firmware, it says the BIN file is not found…

Or maybe I need to find a BIN file? If yes, where I can find it?

Many thanks…

It detects as “Generic DVD Max8X” and the firmware version is 120I.

There are a couple different variations on the Optorite DD0401, they’re best differentiated by the letter in the firmware version. There seems to be an E series, a D series, and an I series. You have the I series.

True Optorite drives are commonly the E series, OEM’s are the D and I series. You can use Accesstek DD0401 firmwares on your drive.