Anyone have luck burning 8x with 4x media w/1008?

Has anyone?

When I try to use Roxio 6 I beleive it verifies the DVD as 4x and won’t let me ‘overburn’ I have the newest firmware.

Is this the software that is keeping me from doing this? Will other programs, like Nero, allow you to write faster than the media?


Believe it or not, it’s the firmware :slight_smile: The DRW1008 does not allow you to burn any 4X DVD+R media at 8X, at least for the time being.

Man that sux…

I hoipe this will change soon because I can’t find 8x media anywhere and if i could I’m sure it would be expensive.

So for right now I bought an 8x burner that I can’t even use at 8x :frowning:

Oh well.


I hear you Paul!! Join the Club.

Hell, I’ve had mine 2 weeks, and there’s already the 1108IM. Hopefully the next firmware, will solve everything.

Well I solved my problem by exchanging it for a Liteon 811 which I love and will burn most 4x media at 8x.

Thanks for everyones help!


It writes Taiyo Yuden(revision 1) 4x DVD+R at 8x and Daxon (revision 1) 4x DVD+R at 8x as well as CMC magnetics (revision 1) 4x DVD+R at 8x.

So saying that it do not write any 4x discs at 8x is wrong :wink:

But I agree, it could support some more…