Anyone have luck backing up Empire Earth: Art of Conquest?

After searching the forums, I have not found anyone who has specifically said they were able to backup EE:AOC. I know a lot of other Securom titles have been beaten by Alcohol and Blindwrite, but there’s no info for whether this specific game has been beaten.

I also checked the Alcohol forums, and noticed here that, although many other game w/ the new Securom protection have been beaten, EE:AOC has not (at least the Italian version of it.)

I myself have been trying to backup this game 1:1, to no avail. On an XP Pro machine with a Liteon 32123S (which has been able to copy anything I had previously thrown at it, including MOH:AA and Warcraft III), I have made 8 coasters so far. I have tried Blindwrite (with the BWA file submitted here, and with BWA files I made in my Liteon and DVD drives), Alcohol (with which I have been able to make a working image, but can not get past emulation), and CloneCD with the Twinpeak patch. However, none of them get past the verification stage when I put them either in my CDRW or DVD-ROM drives.

Has anyone had a successful backup of this specific game? If so, please tell which program you used. Also, if the method you used are completely diferent than what I have done, please provide a link or explain how you did it.

Thanks in advance from a frustrated Astrophel.

Well I have but, of course, it was the English rather than Italian version.

Method used:

  • Made image with clonecd using game cd profile.
  • Used bwa builder from blindwrite 4.2.2 to make bwa file.
  • Patched ccd image with twinpeak.
  • Burnt patched ccd image with ccd using game cd profile.