Anyone have firmware for LDW-440 or DRU-510a

I have a Sony DRU-510a thats got corrupted firmware. its recognised in bios and can be partly used but its name tag in bios and windows is now wrong.

I want to reflash it to resurrect the drive but the sony utility wont apply the flash because the name is now wrong.

I have seen many modified firmwares with name checks removed but have found none for the DRU-510, maybe because there is nothing to gain.

Can anyone do the modifications to the latest firmware from sony so i can flash? or give me advice on how to modify it myself. I downloaded Visual Studio 6 for a decompiler but i havn’t a clue what i’m looking for.

Thanks in advance.


You will not be able to modify it without breaking Sony’s encryption.

I was under the impression that it is only the firmware that is encrypted, contained within the EXE. Many people have modified the exe itself to remove the drive name check , or edit the string it checks for… on other sony drives anyway.

Most Sony drives are made by LiteOn. This is one of the few drives that’s made by Sony and not by LiteOn. So things are different.