Anyone have examples of what their printable discs look like?

Im thinking about get the epson r220 but have being trying to find examples of what the quality is like when someone prints a disc cover onto their printable disc. But havent being able to find any yet , if anyone knows of anywhere to find some it would be great!

Can’t speak for the Epson, other than I’ve heard that it’s great. But I can say that I find the prints of my Canon IP4000R is amazing. The picture quality is just as good as pressed discs. Of course, the downside is you wont get the same shine, if turned against the light it will look a little matte. And you cant do silvery-stuff like the presses. But it’s really hard to distinguish between printed/pressed on first sight.
I’ll maybe get around to taking a few shots of my discs for you.

cheers, if u dont get a chance its no problem

The print quality is fine, its like printing high quality on paper.