Anyone have both BenQ EW162I and Plextor 716UF?



I want to get a EW162I so I can have both, too. But the +RW -RW rewrite speeds on the EW-162I are abysmal! :frowning:

Does the EW-162I offer Firewire connections, too, like the Plextor 716UF? I find on this PC that firewire performs just a tad bit better than USB2.



I would suggest making your own EW1621, it worked very well for me.

Mine started as a Philips 8601 -> BenQ1620 -> BenQ1621. Threw drive into an external USB/FW enclosure with a Prolific PL3507 chipset. While it’s possible to burn at 16x via the firewire connection, that isn’t anything that interests me.


After looking at its spec, the official EW162I only comes with USB2.0 connection and no firewire. In case you don’t know, the EW162I is the external version of DW1620, which was already phased out. The replacement is DW1640 (external = EW164B) which is almost extinct and most likely discontinued as well. The newer model is DW1650 or DW1655 but there is no external version at the moment.

A good suggestion by brokenbuga, ie to make your own external drive from an internal one. In the US currently you can get the DW1655 for less than $50 from newegg and another $30 for the enclosure with a flashable Prolific PL-3507 such as this silver or black one.


I have a EW162I and it is only USB 2.0. but no problems burning @ 16x. Like zevia said , I prefer to buy internal drives and the 3507 enclosures also :iagree: : (I have 4 :eek: ) p.s. I never use my 162I.