Anyone have BDPS5500 wont play copies?

I have a PS3 and a BDP-S550. I am copying 25g bdr on a LG burner. My copys play fine on the PS3 but stop/pixelate/ stutter periodically on the BDP-S550. Anyone have any ideas other than the BDP-S550 is at fault? It plays non copys great. I am perplexed!!! Any help would be appreciated!:bow::bow:

It could be for other reasons than media. Like for example, tsmuxer still doesnโ€™t create accurate structure according to BD specs so some standalone players have trouble even if the PS3 doesnโ€™t. (I donโ€™t know if your disc was created using that or not, just throwing some ideas out there)

You could be right, I used TsMuxer in the process. Sure does bug the heck out of me!! Thanks for your insight.

I have a Sony BDPS550 and a LG burner. The backups I have made work on my PS3 but not on the 550. Am I alone or has anyone else had this problem?

There are possible problems if you are using TSMuxer, especially if the audio stream contains Dolby TrueHD. You can try latest TSMuxer 1.8.19.