Anyone have ANY info on SOHC-5235K...?

Does anyone have any info on the new Lite On SOHC-5235K combo drive? It looks like it’s specs are identical to the 5232K. The only difference I see is the 5235 uses ABS (noise reduction) and the 5232 used VAS. Please, don’t anyone say "Just buy the 5232, it’s widely available and a good drive). I already have the 5232K, I am getting ready to buy a new 16X DVD+/-RW drive. I am wanting a new drive to complement it. I was just curious as to if anyone knew what differences there were between the 5235 and the 5232.


It has been asked here: [thread]116263[/thread]

Not much in the way of responses in this existing thread. But at this point, this is about as much as you can expect for a drive that very few people have. Please post any additional questions in the existing thread…