Anyone have any experiences to share abt Ridata's 8x DVD+RW media?


Is that your whole question?

Hehehehe :bigsmile:

Are you considering buying some? Do you have some already and would like to compare experiences?

It’s kinda hard to guess from a message with no text in it :wink:

Or was the post a mistake that you edited the message out of?

yup i’m considering buying some for my NEC-3520 and i’m unsure if it’s good/crap. there are so few dvd+rw posts and even fewer merchants who carry 8x dvd+rw.

SVP in the UK carry some 8x DVD+RW media by Ricoh (RICOHJPN W21) and Datasafe (probably RITEK 008). I have bought 10 of each, but I haven’t tried the Datasafe media yet.

The Ricoh 8x DVD+RW work fine in my Sony RDR-HX910 recorder and in my LiteOn SHM-165P6S.

Ridata are either Ricoh or Ritek. Ask the retailer for the media code.
Usually Ricoh coded are the better choice.