Anyone have any experience of a Sony RDRVX410 VHS/DVD recorder?



I’ve just bought one of these, with the main aim of transferring my stock of VHS tapes to DVD.
My first go was to dubb a 150 minute VHS video to DVD. It failed to make it, the automatic chapters gave up after about 30 mins and the machine froze up. Tried the DVD on my PC and the same thing happened.
Got on to Sony who eventually proclaimed that there was a firmware upgrade to fix it. Took it to a service centre who are going to look at it but the chap wasn’t very hopeful. Said there were all sorts of issues with these new machines and generally Sony had released them too early.

I bought the recorder from Argos (UK) who offer a 16 day no questions asked money back offer.

Anybody have any other experience on this type of recorder or should I give up and get my money back and persevere with capture in to my PC?


Phosphoric :confused: