Anyone have a PICO projector yet?

I’m thinking about ordering one - want to get feedback first…

Maybe this one:

or this one:



bump anyone???

All these views and no replies - I’ll take that to be a no! :slight_smile:

Here’s a video of the AAXA tech projector in a bright room (thoughts?)

At $259 though I’m going to wait to see if someone else wants to review it first…

IMHO 12 ANSI Lumens is too weak. I’m guessing if the room has light leakage from the outside the image produced from this will be too washed out. Normal LCD projectors are around 2k Lumens, and the image from that can be easily overpowered by your regular 65W fluorescent lamp…

12 vs 2000 Lumens… :Z Double the price and you can get a projector that is a thousand times better.

I’ll get one when their $69.95 U.S. That’s about what their worth.

It seem to me that this is someone’s idea that just didn’t quite make it!
It reminds me more of a toy than a useful bit of kit.

If you guys check out my other thread - I actually bought the AAXA projector.

It’s definitely not that weak! (I was surprised) EASILY does 70" images in a dark room, I even did a ~170" image! Bright room you get 20" which is your typical monitor. Definitely viewable

I’m really curious to see if anyone else picked up the Optoma or 3M projectors and if they are better (especially the Optoma’s DLP) :slight_smile:

For you naysayers :slight_smile:

  1. ~40" at night on my balcony - concrete wall

  2. ~60" Jessica Alba on the ceiling :slight_smile:

  3. ~20" Corgi

[QUOTE=V10monster;2256423]For you naysayers :slight_smile:

  1. ~40" at night on my balcony - concrete wall

  2. ~60" Jessica Alba on the ceiling :slight_smile:

  3. ~20" Corgi[/QUOTE]

What I would give to have Jessica Alba on my ceiling…:stuck_out_tongue:

FINALLY… the AAXA P1’s just came off backorder (they said the recent reviews boosted demand quite a bit)… and MINE is on it’s way!! :smiley:

I can’t wait for it to come in and play with it. I’m going to compare it with using a buddies full-size projector. I’m sure it won’t have a comparable level of brightness, but I need something I can carry around that I don’t have to plug into the wall.

I know some of you have been waiting for these to come off backorder too… l’ll work on a little write up and we can compare notes.

Until then I found a recent review from TestFreaks:

AAXA P1 Pico Projector Review

Please feel free to PM me about the projector if you’re interested :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty indepth review LOL. I got through half and feel asleep for the more video oriented peeps (or the ones with problems with attention) I found these videos on youtube:

12lumens is totally crap … single point LED sources are upto 130 lumens per Watt for commerical LED lighting products - RELEASED to the public - Where are they getting a 12 lumen LED? Old stock @ Radioshack?

To my understanding all the LED Projectors (including the home theater projectors) are using state of the art LEDs. I’m assuming the efficiencies are rather low. The LED home theater projectors cost over $5,000, a large part of the cost I believe are the LEDs.

This isn’t your average 4-die CREE LED!

That said, AAXA has a new P2 pico projector with 33 lumens which I have on order. :slight_smile:

I’ll let you guys know how it goes…