Anyone have a dead LH-20A1S, or parts?



I have an LH-20A1S with patched firmware that has been working beautifully for me, but at some point its SATA cable got yanked and broke the connector on the drive’s main board.

All I really need is the connector for power and SATA, labeled FOXCONN. I have photos if needed. I would happily take the whole board to which the connector is soldered, or even a complete dead drive. Since I only need the connector, I don’t care at all what condition the rest of the drive is in. So if you have a dead LH-20A1S, please let me know. I’ll pay postage to get the connector from you (preferably within the continental US!) Please PM me if you have what I need.


You might be better off getting a SATA plug-type connector from Molex, part number 0877030001 or 0877030067 if it’s a SMT-type that matches the Foxconn one. You can check if Digikey or Newark stock them.


That’s the thing. It’s through-hole, and with staggered pins. I have pulled apart several dead SATA hard drives and none of them have anything that’s even close. Once I factor in shipping and handling, along with the likelihood that I’d have to order several different ones to be sure I was getting what would work, I’d be spending close to the cost of just buying a replacement drive anyway. Thus, looking for someone with a dead 20A1S, as I’m sure there are more than a few out there…