Anyone have a copy of LtnRPC / LtnRPCDOS lying around?



I think I have a situation where someone here could help where Googling couldn’t: Finding copies of the old LiteOn utility LtnRPC or LtnRPCdos.

The Background: My in-laws had an old/ancient computer which they wanted back up and running to use for only 2 reasons: to Skype and to watch DVD movies. Since it was last running XP, I did them and the world a favor by wiping it and installing Linux Mint.

Yet, inexplicably, the DVD player, a LiteOn LTC-48161h, has been set to a different region (1) than the one they live in (2), and worst of all, all of the user changes are spent! Confirmed with the Linux utility regionset (type is listed as: PERMANENT).

Fortunately, this particular LiteOn can be rehabbed with the utility LtnRPC or LtnRPCdos. This would be great, but I literally cannot find these files anywhere. Would anyone happen to have these files on their computer somewhere? All existing links point to and those pages are redirects/404s with no contact info.

I’m putting a call out for people who might have used it to just do a quick search of their computers for those files, and if it pops up, please attach it here, or PM me, or Dropbox, etc. Thanks!


You can download it here:

I hope is back online soon.


I hope the link HM01 posted has an acceptable copy.
It shows 496.9 KB
The one I have is 580 KB . Too big to .zip & add as an attachment on this forum.
Not sure how to get it to you if you need it.
Probably just a different version is the reason for the size difference.


Thanks @HM01, I’m downloading it now, and will get a chance to try it later today.

@cholla If you don’t mind, I’d like to get your version as well, just in case. Maybe you can upload it to (no signup/account needed; just share the link) or if you already have an account there. I can also PM you my email, just let me know.

I’ll report back here, and post the versions to my Dropbox or


I’ve uploaded my copy of LtnRPC (compressed in a Zip file) to FileDropper as suggested:

It’s a 580 kB file dated 27. December 2003.


The date on the LtnRPC I have didn’t match DrageMester’s .
I suspect that is because I downloaded it at a different time or it dated it fresh when I moved it to my external drive I keep older downloads I want on.
I downloaded it as a .exe file . If that doesn’t work for you I can zip it & upload it again.
I checked the version & it is v.1.0.0

I don’t have the LtnRPCdos & I don’t remember ever having it .
Maybe someone does.


My version of LtnRPC and cholla’s version are binary identical.

I don’t have a copy of LtnRPCDOS.


I think I got the one I have from the rpc1 site .
I suppose that is where Drage got his .
So I’m sure they are the same version.


“binary identical” means that I have compared them and they are… [B]identical[/B]! :wink:


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2754872]“binary identical” means that I have compared them and they are… [B]identical[/B]! ;)[/QUOTE]

Never doubted that . :bigsmile:

What did you compare the files with ?

Maybe FC.exe & something like this:

 FC /B path to file1 path to file2 > c.txt 


fc is good enough. :wink: