Anyone have they can give me?

Just wondering if I can get AnyDvD version doesn’t decrypt movies for me for some reason.

You clicked “Aggressive I/O Mode”?

yes i had that i/o aggressive mode clicked

LIChamp15 -

Before resorting to reverting to AnyDVD v6.0.8.2 have you attempted to use the “Aggressive I/O Mode" as suggested by AnyDVD Technical Support in posting #2?

There are numerous recent AnyDVD Forum postings that contain download links for the AnyDVD v6.0.8.2 software program. While reviewing these recent AnyDVD Forum postings for the download links for AnyDVD v6.0.8.2 it would a good idea to note comments concerning “Aggressive I/O Mode" and the reason the “Aggressive I/O Mode" option is included in the version of AnyDVD.


That should hopefully do it.

What are you going to do when there is a new update and you cannot decrypt your movies?:confused:

Beg for help with that version??? :bigsmile:

That’s what I was thinking… :iagree:

I have any dvd for few year now but last year I never touch it, dvd fab and Ripit get me through all of those Sony new protection, I will not give the code away because it is not fair for all of their hard work, there are alternative programs if you dont want to pay

There’s no reason not to use until they get the bugs fixed, and like NightTran says, if AnyDVD gives you trouble, you can temporarily use DVDFab Decrypter or RipIt4Me.

Not everyone is going to be able to keep their programs working perfectly all the time, so folks should know that there are other options until things get programmed right.

I’m kinda like NightTran in the sense that I am sort of transitioning from the paid for AnyDVD to free tools. Stand-alone apps don’t get in the way like a system driver can, plus RipIt4Me in particular seems to get updated quickly.

Fanboys are frustrating when they won’t open their minds to even consider the benefits of other options - even temporarily. Fanatics are a detriment to the stuff they are fans of sometimes. If Linux geeks were nicer and not so holier-than-thou elitists, maybe more folks would warm up to it.

why not give 6089 a try too se if that helps you, forwards instead of backwards

I think 6090 is worth a try. It is now working on my test system with a default installation and DVD Shrink. The Re-Author with AnyDVD 6090 loaded worked, but on the first try of doing a Full Backup it stopped at about 64% and crashed out. I’m going to try it again. All I’m doing is opening the movie, which does work, and saving it as a DVD-9 to the hard drive for later burning of the VIDEO_TS folder.

I haven’t had any issues with anydvd yet. I also wanted to say how rude to go to a anydvd thread ( a program that decrypts ) and say or mention other decrypting methods. They are a treat to have but this isn’t use this over this instead thread this is a help me with my anydvd problem thread. I for one have a great variety of rippers and burning apps. but this is about as bad as going into a windows thread and say get Linux instead or a mac. The alternatives are good but like I said it’s just disrespect.

I guess I disagree. I feel it is always worth mentioning other alternatives if the one folks are using is failing to work. At least that way people can get something DONE while Slysoft works out the kinks.

This is the IntarWeb! We are supposed to share information and alternatives, especially if they are free and they work.

Why would this be discrespect? The OP’s objective is to decrypt a movie and he’s failing with anydvd. What’s wrong with steering him in the right direction so that he may achieve his objective? That’s what these forums are all about. Now, if these forums were strictly for anydvd on anydvd’s hosted site then it’s another thing. The last time i checked these were cdfreak forums, unless cdfreaks is owned by anydvd, then you might have a point.

It is the fact that this thread is in the anydvd part of this forum it’s not ripit or dvdfab ect…I suggest if the OP has tried all methods with anydvd with the same result to email slysoft support to see if an update is needed if anydvd fails and everyone goes to alternatives then there will never be an anydvd update this is why. So first try and then send the IFO’s to slysoft then use an alternative to get the job done to merley suggest try this ripper ect hurts all of us that may need an anydvd update. This is what I meant. cdfreaks is actually owned by dvdfab creator from what I heard I’m not sure and that slysoft support was able to coexist with this forum as well with all the other categories. Any how this is what I meant by disrespect.

Agree with the Doc.

We come to [I]this[/I] thread-area to help people resolve their AnyDVD issues as they relate to using the backup software of their choice …

No, it’s not a cdf “[I]rule[/I]”, but it’s a matter of good form. On the open “Copy DVD Movie” threads, one can respectfully suggest that someone with issues should resolve them by suggesting that they should be driving a Toyota until Ford issues a recall to fix the problem :bigsmile: or trading in their new Ford for a pre-owned Ford that had no such issues.

OK, ok(!) … those [I]are[/I] cheap shot metaphors … but here we are looking for solutions to problems relating to the title of this thread-area of cdf and to also provide feedback to James and his development team.

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i agree with this…

…and this

well said :clap: :clap: :bigsmile:

I agree that this is a thread for Anydvd and CDF; has a catergory for all free and purchased programs and this thread is for Anydvd and not freeware we need to help SS to better Improve their product when necessary And do not need to clog the thread with anything else so SS can read the posts and help us out!!!

honestly this thread needs locked as there is a new update to suit everyone so I think anyways?