Anyone have 109 and 106 installed?

Into the same system?

Well I have had this stupid problem ever since I have installed my 109. Now and then it just feels like ejecting and closing itself over and over again, then I have to turn it off from the PC button to stop it.

First I thought it may of been the screws were too long and making a mechanical problem. They should be ok though as I use the same on the 106. But now I am thinking could it be that the 2 Pioneer’s conflict on the same system?

Is this possible? :confused:

Or is it something else?

I had a 106, 108 and A09 in the same system with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

Cheers. Strange problem.

i hav 107 and 109 and 4 more drives in one system. never got conflicts

I had the same problem with an old philips 8x cd writer (new at the time).

the ejecting/closing phenomenon may be due to power supply issue?

I have the 106D and 109 in the same box, both work as they normally should. I’m using the 106 as a ripper till I can get some good recommendations for a very fast reader to use for ripping as the 106 doesn’t get above 8.3x so far.

My 106D was reading at over 11x last night. What firmware are you running?