Anyone has experience with "usb to ide cable"?

Anyone has experience with usb to ide cable
Im thinking of getting one

Yup, I’ve used a kit similar to that for a while, works great, what more can I say?

Micro$not Windoze Exploder will just see it as another drive(s), depending on your partitions.

Just be careful how you handle the loose HDD or a knock could lose it completely.

A good unit. Also an excellent price. In the UK we have to pay between £25 and £35 ($46 - £65 US), depending on the dealer :a

BTW, looking at your link, they are out of stock at the moment.

Oh no we don’t :wink:

btw im getting one as cheap as 12 USD, hehe
I guess u guys r out of luck :P, Malaysia only i think
BTW have a look at ths sony MOUSE, i know u guys will probably kill for the bargin :stuck_out_tongue:

and btw again :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyone of u have tried with combo drive? The brand of the drive?