Anyone has E60L/N 1.00 Firmware

Does anyone have the original 1.00 firmware for the E60L/N drives.
Preferably E60L, I crossflashed my drive to a H55L. Now, the USb Booster program does not work, DVDInfoPRo does not recognize the drive.

I wanted to crossflash to H55L because I wanted to increase reading speed. However, my burning speed of DVD’s hangs @ 14x and the buffer goes down to 4% (it is then burning at 10x PCAV)

However, I think it is better to crossflash my E60L to a E60L with “increase read speed” checked. This way, I keep my E60L with its function and have a good read AND write speed.

That is why I need this 1.00 Firmware. So… Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance

PS. If anyone got the USB booster program to work, tell me!