Anyone had trouble with dual core?



I first have to say the cloneDVD and AnyDVD are among the best software I have ever used. However, I’m having trouble when burning using my A64 4400 set up.

Using the same Ritek G05 disks in my laptop is fine but virtually every disk I try in my desktop burns successfully but won’t play. I get error messages from AnyDVD saying it can’t read the disk. Then either the movie stutters or won’t play at all

I now have an enormous pile of coasters. If anyone has any ideas I’d be gratefull, I’ve only got so many mugs…

System spec
A64 4400+ not overclocked
Asus A8N32
Liteon DL SOHW 832
2GB Crucial Ballistix
2 SATA WD Raptors 37GB raid 0
2 SATA Maxtor 300GB raid 0
DD water cooling
2 Nvidia 7800GTX SLI

I’m using Win XP Pro sp2 and latest chipset drivers and the latest firmware on the ROM’s

I would love to get this setup to work reliably as it can transcode far quicker than my laptop.


Is this only with this ritekg05?
Personally i would change the media brand, ritekg05 is for me :Z


I have the same processor and I don`t have a problem.

DVD Burners: Plextor 716A & BenQ 1655

Media: Fujifilm & Verbatim


I’ve tried two types of disk with the same results from Ritek G03 to the latest which are Ridisc AAA+ rated.

There must be something causing it. Perhaps its the burner?


Maybe the latest firmware update for your 832, but generally ritek is not top quality dvd media, even if shops describe them as AAA Megaplus.


OK, thanks. What media do you prefer


I would suspect the chipset driver for the ide controllers?


You can try Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim(but look for genuine ones with media codes like MCC).


No problems with Dual Core (Pentium D 940) here.


No probs here (yet, only had for 3 days) Pentium 4 D930 :slight_smile:


Did you try changing your ide drivers to Standard ide drivers?


I’m using a clean install of windows and did not install the nvidia ide driver. The thing that confuses me is that my laptop does not have any trouble using the same disks at the same write speed (8x).

The difference is it can take 40mins to transcode a complex movie on the laptop but 15mins on the desktop.


the liteon 832 never was a good drive, why did you even stick such an old
burner in that beast? It can’t be worth 5$


When I bought it the 832 was one of the first DL drives around (waste of time as DL disks have always been too expensive). Which leads me on to another question… If the 832 is a pile of poo, what is the best drive Benq, Plextor, NEC ?


BenQ is great.


anything(almost) over a year old is obsolete, “use it up wear it out”,
benq 1650, nec 3550, lg 4167 are all good, depending upon what you want to do,
next week, next month they are obsolete.


I had hoped my drive would last til blue ray came out. But I just checked the prices of drives and the Benq1650 was only £28 ($48) so I’ve ordered one. Funny, that 832 cost me $170 when I bought it!

The new drive should be with me Tuesday. I’ll update this thread after I’ve fitted it to let you know how I get on.

Thanks for all your help.


BenQ 1650 is an excellent drive. You won`t be dissapointed.


Well, here’s a quick update. Installed shiney new Benq drive and two perfect copies emerged. It seems my old drive was causing all the trouble. Thanks for all the advice… :clap: