Anyone had AnyDVD ver. cause a re-boot?

I am very hesitant to blame this software, but since I went to AnyDVD ver., I have had the system re-boot twice when using the program with CloneDVD2 during the read phase. It never re-boots during burns and the problem is very intermitten so having gone back a few versions and seeing no problem is not a proof. So far I have not seen it happen, it has only happened when I am gone and when I get back to check the progress, I get a MS “you have recovered from a serious error” message.

Thanks guys.

Maybe your computer doesn’t like you leaving it alone, Chas. :wink: :bigsmile:

Kidding aside, if I get something to burn (not likely to be within the next few days), I’ll see if this reboots during decryption and writing the files to the HDD. If I can get something to burn, I’ll see if it happens when burning files to the media and report back. :slight_smile:

Here’s also a curious, albeit unrelated problem with AnyDVD 6061, where Zone Alarm is also used.

No, haven’t seen this problem with AnyDVD, and I have it running all the time.

I read that one and it doesn’t seem to apply, even though I use ZA as well.

I have my best luck if I load the AnyDVD driver, then rip whatever disks I want to rip to my hard drive with DVD Decrypter, then unload the AnyDVD driver. After the reboot, I then process the video with DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, or whatever other tools are needed to get the result I want.

Perhaps trying that type of process would help?

The one and only time I had this problem was when I had Java auto-update enabled. Disabled auto update in Java console and it never happened again.

Thanks for the thought. I can use that method but occasionally the on-the-fly is more convienient. This version of AnyDVD is the first with the re-boot, again, I am not blaming the software.

I will probably stick with the rolled back version and see if I can get another re-boot and then skip over a few versions before I go current. That usually solves these ambiguous problems.

Sometimes newer does not mean better.

At least you have options. :slight_smile: