Anyone got the B7J9 Betafirm from Benq (1620)

My 1620 is totally f*****, so I thought maybe a flash upgrade would get it working again.

I was wondering if anyone here is part of the benq betatest crew and have the B7J9 firmware, and are willing to share it with me?

Or do anyone know a place it is avaible?


you could send in your screwed 1620 into BenQ service center and just have them fix it.

It is not fair to ask respected beta testers to hand over f/w they are entrusted with. But i would like to ask if anyone as heard of an eta on this f/ws release? The last f/ws are not very good for a lot of media…

OC Freak told me few days ago on another thread that B7J9 most likey will not be release fw as it has some bugs still in it, he hinted at B7K9. But I have to say the B7J9 -R scan i have seen did look much nicer.

Cheers Ken…Much obliged!


looks like you got about the same set of dvdrw drive I do other then 108 thats is. Dont you love that with all the dvdrw drives you can burn pretty much anything well by using the right one for right media. :slight_smile:

Yes, but it also makes you think there should be +R and -R only writers too as no one drive can get it 100% correct as yet LOL.
The Benq albeit with an odd bugs at present is an awesome +R burner when they get it right, and it seems the -R side is starting to shape up nicely too - thats why im so eager to see a new update to their f/w.
I look forward to some more screenshots from OC


I have only burned -R 4x on 1620 any try by me to burn 8x or 8x at 12x has been coaster with b7H9 fw. lucky i have 3500 as it does -R very well, and nu tech with latest fw does all -R at 4x or 6x well I dont have any 8x on there 8x list or i would try it.

Your findings match mine although i can confirm 16x traxdata worked well for me. It seems the new f/w cant come quick enough. Sorry to the mods if i gone off topic LOL


I dont think its asking much if media is in the fw at set speed that that media burn at that speed, whats the point of having a media in fw as 12x if it even makes coasters at 4x.

good point!