Anyone got the auto LG FW updater

I have a OEM H22N…and I cant find a place to d/l it


what do you mean “download it” ?
do you mean a firmware upgrade ? there isn’t one yet.

The LG ODD auto firmwareupdate tool is available here:

Device Driver -> DVD-ROM(Writer) -> LG ODD On-Line auto F/W update

Thank you

I realize there is no new fw…my H22N has fw 1.01(10/06)

I just wanted the tool for use

I instaled this tool 3 days ago just to see if a new firmware is available for my H22N 1.00 . I consider that like Samsung, LG releases new firmware using the Updater software first.

Until now … just waiting. :a

Well there is a FW 1.01…it came on my drive from newegg…based on the H22L w/1.00…I am not sure there is any real difference at least on MCC004 media I have

Personally I think the H22N/L…are doing excellent with inital fw…see LH201AH/P…and the 18x versions from Liteon not so good IMHO

I own a LH-201AH and H22N

No update here either, still trying