Anyone got the A09/109 to work with external casings with Prolific chipsets?



If yes, what firmware are you using for the Prolific casings? I can’t get it to work as the burn will always stop at some point and thus rendering the DVD disc useless.


I have no burning issues at all in a Prolific based Vantec NexStar2 enclosure using firewire interface. I had DVDR reading problems with any firmwares though, DVD-ROM was OK up to 16X speed.
I swapped it with my NEC 3520 and now everything is OK.


What Prolific firmware are you using?


I have no clue, I use what was installed when I bought it. All information I know about it is that of Everest Home tells:

Device Description:
Prolific PL3507 Combo Device (1394 ATAPI_Rev 1.00) IEEE 1394 SBP2 Device

Hardware ID:


Go to and download the RomWriter V2.2.0 and do a read. It will show u the firmware version.


Downloaded 4 different versions of this RomWriter, none of them can recognize my chipset and firmware.


Is your case hooked up via firewire or USB? I think you can only flash and read your chip using USB.


The “max128k” filter driver may be worth a try as well


Firewire of course. Will try it through USB as well.
Sorry but with USB no burning application can start. Windows tells everything is all right but Nero CD Speed and DVD Decrypter won’t start correctly.
Looks like it’s not a real combo device…


I have the Bytecc Firewire/USB2 case with the Prolific chipset and I only hook it up to USB2 to check to see what revision the firmware is and to flash the firmware. When I am done doing either one of those functions I hook the case back up to Firewire and use it to read or burn.


Really, I was able to read FW info via USB. What FW do I have to use to upgrade?


There are only two other firmware revision’s that I’m aware of that came after the firmware that you show.


Your chip is on the list of flashable chips


OK, I flashed with latest FW from here:
Now it works fine via USB as well! Of course CPU load is much higher than with firewire but at least it works and I can use it with my notebook without buying a Cardbus2firewire adapter. Also note the speed problem above 14X which is fortunately not present via firewire.
I should change back to my Pioneer DVR-109 for testing but I don’t really feel like it… :wink:
Thanks for all the help.


Well it’s improvement :slight_smile:

I have my 109 in my computer now and put an Aopen Rom in my Bytecc via firewire.
On USB I can’t go over 7x rip but on Firewire I can go to 11x rip.


I found this thread hard to follow:

Which out of the drives listed below (which were mentioned in this thread) would be best to use with a Vantec Nexstar 2 (Prolific PL-3507 Chipset) without problem:
-Pioneer DVR-109
-NEC 3520

And if I were to flash the firmware of my prolific chipset (I wouldn’t prefer not to), how would I be able to tell if it’s a Revision A(No ICP - Whatever that is) or Revision B/C (With ICP)?


I had a NEC 3520 in my External case with no problem.
You can look on the Prolific chip to see what revision letter it is.
It should be printed on there after the number.


I have no problems with the NEC 3520 (latest L&D FW) and had only a few problems with the Pioneer 109 (8.40 FW).

Vantec NexStar2 utilizes the C revision of the Prolific chipset. Latest FW at this time: (name: