Anyone got the 5/7 - 13 sales yet

Anyone got the 5/7 - 5/13 sales yet?

Thanks Storm~

Try this.

Be patient, they are usually on here by Saturday! :iagree:

thanks KTL ,thats just what the doc ordered. I see some shoping in line for next week.
mabie we’ll run into each other if you make it to the 76th st store or down south.
thanks again!!

Thanks TKL; this very useful advance information on Staples coming sales.

Best Buy has Sony 25pks ±R 7.99 each, Verb 30pk +R 24.99, and Memorex 25pk DL+R 49.99. Staples has Staples 50pk DVD Media 7.98, Sony: DVD-RW 25pk 12.98, 8.98= CD-R AUDIO 30pk, CD-R 50pk, or CD-RW 25pk, also they I/O Magic Int 29.98 AR, Ext 59.98 AR, and Maxtor 200GB 7200RPM IDE 49.98 AR. That’s all the info I have access to. This below was posted on Afterdawn DVD Media Forums:

Circuit City: Nexxttech DVD±R 25 pack $4.99

Best Buy: Sony DVD±R 25 pack $7.99

Verbatim DVD+R 30 pack LightScribe $24.99

Memorex DVD+R 25 pack Double Layer Discs $49.99

ABC Warehouse: DVD±R 50 pack (not sure what brand might be JVC) $12.99

Staples: Store Brand DVD±R 50 pack $7.98

Sony DVD-RW 25 pack $12.98

50 pack slim jewel cases 40 clear 10 translucent $7.98

Office max always posts there ad on saturday
as far as the rest, I’ll post them later today.