Anyone got coaster for the Verbatim DVD+R DL?

My very 1st DL media & it’s a coaster. No error during the burn, no error with DVD+R & RW. A hundred MB into the 2nd layer i got unreadable error. (tested on all my TDK 1280B, 882N writers & Enzer DVD player) The 1st layer is alright thr. One funny thing is an area (the 3rd picture below, in light purple) of the disc doesn’t seems to be burnt at all. :confused:

Burnt with TDK 820N (NEC ND-2510A OEM) & Nero v6.3.1.17 with Verbatim DVD+R DL (8.5GB) Backup my Gladiator DVD, must be my costiest coaster. :Z

Did you try playing it back in a standalone? From the looks of it you didn’t change the bitsetting, not sure if the TDK even supports this. :confused:

On standalone DVD player (+ supported) also no go. Didn’t use any bitsetting changing s/w. My other friends with the exact same writer faced no problem reading back all the files on the DL, althr they use it to burnt data only. :o

Pls take the rest of the bottom grey spots to be red, dun want to wait for an hour to complete the scan.

looks like a bad write strategy…what firmware did you use? personally i was never much impressed with TDKs write strategy you may be better off to cross flash it to a 2510 if you can and use nec firmware strategies.

anyways ive burned 2 dl disks with my nec 2500 with herries (ie 2510 fw 2.15) and have had perfect burns from them so its not the media.


2 friends of mine got no issue with the same drives & media.

maybe it was a bad disk, try again

Mitsubishi has a 50% failure rate producing these DL discs at the factory.
It is VERY likely that some bad discs will slip through.

I also do recommend that you flash your drive over to an NEC 2510.
Firmware 2.06 was just released and automatically bitsets DVD+R DL discs to DVD-ROM.
See the NEC forum for more info.


Did a burn this time with Mitsubishi DVD+R DL, great success. The settings are the same as last time. There is no delay/lag in the middle during the layers switching. :slight_smile:

Very nice must of just been a bad disk…

At the high price it may be worth returning the disc.

Just gone back to the shop to ‘RMA’ the Verbatim DL media, hope they will replace for me. :iagree:

some quality checks