Anyone got an order with Carrera SSC / ORDER 247 or Demonite?

Digital Network PLC - which flogs computer gear through its CarreraSSC, ORDER 247 and Demonite brands - has gone into administration, according to UK hardware site

It reports that the company has fallen into difficulty after the Midlands-based system builder over-stretched itself financially.

Separately, a reader has contacted us to say he’s been told that Digital Network PLC is in administration after enquiring why a graphics card failed to turn up.

Despite repeated attempts to contact the company yesterday, no one from Digital Network was available - or willing - to comment on the reports.

However, a sales opo coughed this morning when El Reg posed as a punter looking to buy a lappy

The sales Johnny admitted: “We’re in administration, yes. We’re not taking any orders but we’re giving product details. A press release is due out today or tomorrow.”


Got an update on this already…

Watford Electronics has taken over Carrera SSC. To be precise, Watford has acquired Digital Networks, the parent company of both Carrea and Demonite.

Rumours were circulating yesterday of the company seeking administration, but it is believed that Watford Electronics has bought the brands and will be honouring warranties and support contracts. In theory, not a lot should change from the perspective of a Demonite or Carrera customer.

We understand that help and technical support lines are being maintained as usual, but an official announcement is still awaited.

Any problems that readers may experience can be reported to

Carrera Technology originally ceased trading in October 2000, but re-emerged as Carrera SSC.