Anyone got an extra beige faceplate for 1620?

So… that Benq 1620 I got my relatives in Jan is on its way back to me :smiley:
My uncle got a new PC with a built in DVD burner. I think it’s an HP lightscribe one.

Whatever, that Benq I got is extra so they are sending it to me. :smiley: But it’s black and my case and all my drives are beige. It didn’t come with a beige faceplate. I’ll paypal you a couple $ for your trouble. PM me

Hey, I’ve been looking for a retail black faceplate. I bought my 1620 from newegg and all they had were the retail beige drives. If you have the retail black faceplate i’d be willing to trade you. let me know :slight_smile:

ok, lemme see. I prefer to have both colors because this case/PSU is over 3 years old (maybe 4?) and I’ll probably upgrade over the next year and may go with black this time. Let’s see what pans out.

I think You can order faceplates from, just call them, they replaced my broken one, so they may have it.

ok i’ll try ZZF where I bought it

thanks for the tip fairplay, i’ll give it a try

I called newegg and they said none for sale. might be different if you bought it there.

I/O Magic has them, because they include black and beige with their 1620’s.