Anyone got an Activecool AC4G CPU cooler?

I was looking at some CPU coolers for my Athlon 2600XP processor as the one i have is bloody noisy and i want my PC to be quieter. Now i really fancied the activecool AC4G (found here ) but wanted to know if anybody has had any experience with it. I’ve already checked some reviews and its good apparently, but i just want some more opinions.

I was also looking at the Zalman CNPS7000B-ALCU Super Flower Cooler (found here ) as a good alternative.

Or if anybody has some recommendations then go ahead. Cheers.

I don’t know about the ActiveCool, but I know that this Zalman baby is a very good cooler. It’s really quiet, keeps the CPU pretty cool and very good for overclocking. Plus, it looks nice :slight_smile:

I really would go for the Zalman. A few weeks ago I read some Dutch roundup on AMD coolers and these Zalmans were the winners. Best performance, low noiseproduction. Of course, the best one is the one made entirely of copper.

yeah i heard they were very good, but since i posted the thread i’ve came to realise that my motherboard may not be compatible as i’m sure i haven’t got the four holes around my CPU slot that are needed for it, although i’ll double check. I had given thought to the pure copper one but since its so heavy would probably end up breaking my motherboard (probably end up forgetting to take of the heatsink when transporting it)! Hell, i may even just go buy another motherboard just to get it, the activecool requires that you plug it into the mains, which kind of worries me…