Anyone got a Panasonic 9584 burner? im thinking about getting one



Hi :slight_smile:

I am thinking about buying a new burner to replace my Liteon 451s, as I feel I may get better burns on a newer model (I hope).

I have seen all the comments about other makes of drives on here, but nobody has ever mentioned or reviewed the “Panasonic 9584” drive.

I have some real crap “Princo” discs I burnt ages ago, & the PI of those hits 1800, PIF hits over 400… REALLY bad!! my Liteon wont read them, nor will my Liteon 167t DVD Rom, nor will my Pioneer 109 DVD Rom… but my Panasonic DVD player downstairs reads them without any skipping.

Thats why im considering the Panasonic 9584 writer, as if its anywhere near as good as my standalone Panasonic then it would be great…

Anyone got any views on this drive? what its burn quality is like? any review links etc…

Any help would be appreciated before I blow in my hard earned cash…



Hi there!
I believe you are referring to the Panasonic SW-9585 ?
This drive is a Super Multi drive (supporting DVD+R, DVD-R and DVD-RAM).

We have a review in the works on this unit (Hammer Storage brand).
If I had to mention one area of improvement, it would be that the 16x DVD+R / DVD-R writing quality needs some help. So far, burning at slower speeds produces very good results a range of media and DVD-RAM performance is good!
Keep an eye out for our review coming soon! :wink:


Great! I will look forward to reading that review…

Nick :slight_smile:


Got the SW-9584-C on sale over here.
Any idea who the original manufacturer is Wes? Or is it a ‘proper’ panasonic drive?


Manufactured by Panasonic/Matsushita.
Specs for the 9484 vs 9585 look identical as far as I can see…

Post up some burn graphs and scannys Matt! :wink:


Panasonic Drives without DVD-RAM cartridge support:
First are the specs and then model number
DVD-RAM/-R/-RW/+R/+RW 3X/8X/4X/8X/4X SW-9583-C
DVD-RAM/-R/-RW/+R/+R(DL)/+RW 5X/16X/6X/16X/4x/8X SW-9584-C
DVD-RAM/-R/-RW/+R/+R(DL)/+RW 5X/16X/6X/16X/4x/8X SW-9585-C
Difference between 9584 and 85 is DVD-R DL support (9585 supports DVD-R DL after firmware upgrade)
Panasonic Drives with DVD-RAM Cartridge support:
DVD-RAM/-R/-RW/+R/+RW 5X/8X/4X/8X/4X SW-9573-C
DVD-RAM/-R/-R(DL)/-RW/+R/+R(DL)/+RW 5X/16X/4X/6X/16X/4x/8X SW-9574-C
The 9574 (LF-M821JD) is the newest one.
YSS has tested 9585 and 9574.
Test results 9585:
Test Results for SW-9574
Pages are in Japanese only but I think you should be able to read the graphs and get some impression on the drives.


Thanks! Panasonic SW-9585 is distributed in the USA under the “Hammer Storage” brand. According to my contact they do not have the DVD-R DL capable firmware.
Do you have a link to the 9585 fw with DVD-R DL support?


IODATA and Buffalo both have the firmware.
IO’s is as always only available if you have the Serial Number but Buffalos is freely available.
Link to 9585 Firmware P101
Downgrading of firmware will not be possible after upgrade.


On the Panasonic label on my SW-9584D it says:
“Manufactured for Matshita…etc”
It’s also made in Indonisia. My LF-D521’s were
Made in Japan. list Sony and NEC firmware as
usable, but mine won’t work with any of it.


I’m recently brought on of this drives from Fry-Electronic “HAMMER storage” and did not have a proper driver to install. please help!


Drivers from Panasonic are widely available. Seach CDFreaks
and Google to find one.

Because you drive is a Panasonic any of the Panasonic drivers
should work.

You could try this one:


Sean B