Anyone got 1640 - tell me how RicohJpnR01 does?

Getting my 1640 soon.
Got BSHB firmware from BenQ W/S
Used MSCE, could not find RICOHJPNR01 Code
Owners of 1640 - what speed is it supported, how good is the burns?
(Is it better to STRAT-REPLACE with RICOHJPNR02?)

RICOHJPNR01 was available in BSGH and removed with other 4x codes in BSHB.

How did any of the removed media perform with BSGH? Has any reason been given for it’s removal?

hmmz… my stack of 200 RICOHJPNR01’s performance might be questionable, if I do upgrade or it is already upgraded, can it be back-graded?

a guess to removal prolly since 4x looks less available? or saving some rom space, but flasher package seems bigger, maybe changing their support coverage of MIDs? future expansion?

You can downgrade or burn RICOHJPNR01@RICOHJPNR02 using MCSE if you want.
Currently there is about 100 KB rom space left, so removing 4x strategies is no space issue now.

I’d say they perform pretty bad. That’s a scan of a TDK 4x DVD+R, burnt at 8x:

I have a 1640 with firmware BSHB and about 100 Ricoh R01’s left
and it burns them good.

Average qualitysscore is between 95 and 97
If I scan this disks with my nec3540 de score is between 93 and 95

readback curves are smooth

Ohkayz, got my burner. Sticking with BSGB, getting good results, <10PI
Don;t want to risk BSHB because it doesn’t have a dedicated strat from what I can see in MSCE

Maybe they removed these Media IDs/strategies because they are now better supported by the default strategy ;).

Do the R01s burn at 4x or 8x?

they burn @4x

Thanks. Lets hope it becomes 8x again in the next firmware release…

OMG! YUDEN000T01 is also dropped from BSHB. :eek: Do they really think at BenQ that there is no blank media left in the world with this mediacode also? :confused:

Does anybody have results of YUDEN000T01 burned with BSHB f/w?