Anyone goofin' with Vista RC1?

Just wondering what folks are thinking of the Vista RC1 release. Thoughts?

I’ve had it for months on a disc, but haven’t gotten round to installing it. I know Cressida has it installed, if she sees this thread. :slight_smile:

According to rumors, the coding for RC1 was only completed a day after the public release of Build 5536, which was last week. The leaked roadmap for Vista indicated that the RC1 release was to have been 5568, but Microsoft had a change of heart and released it a Build 5600.

I actually prefer the 5536 and 5552 build to the 5600 RC1 release.

Microsoft has still not addressed the major driver issues with the RC1 release. Quite a few people are still having network and Internet issues due to incompatibility with network devices such as network cards and routers.

Anyone who has a NIC based on the RealTek RTL8139, which is about all NICs built into motherboards, is in for a hard time.

Quite a few issues also with video card drivers that still remain unaddressed. The ATI Mobility video cards issue come to mind.

No you don’t, you have Beta2 :bigsmile: . RC1 (bld. 5600) isn’t officially realeased to the public (just Beta-testers), but there was a pre-RC1 (bld. 5536) released last week, with which I upgraded my Beta2 installation. It runs noticably faster now, but there’s still issues with drivers and programs (as there will be at the official release, I suppose). Been running this as my main system now since it became available a couple months ago and it does most if not all that I want (although that’s nothing out of the ordinary).

See, it’s been so long since I even looked at the disc, I forgot it was Beta2 :bigsmile:

Good info, BTW, guys :slight_smile:

I was bummed it would not install on a FAT 32 partition. I also find the interface changes annoying in that it makes it hard to find certain configuration and command options, at least for me. I find myself going to the “Classic View” to find certain things that I used to be able to find with ease. Stuff like that helps taint my first impression I guess.